We are an agroecological cooperative that bridges between producers and consumers in the local region of “Terres de l’Ebre” in the mouth of the river Ebro, in north east Spain.

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Meet our agricultors, Enllaç Stores and consumer groups

Restaurants can be an example for society on how to make the place one lives into a sustainable territory. I see gastronomy as a transformation tool.


– Marisa Bordera, Restaurant “La Barraca”, consumer-partner in the cooperative.

The creation of projects such as l'Enllaç is necessary in order to promote the growth of the social and solidarity economy in Terres de l'Ebre.


– Sergi, Fundació Ulldecona, consumer-partner .

Thanks to l’Enllaç de l’Ebre, our organic oranges can get to more families.


– Carme Martí, L’horta de Carme, producer-partner in the cooperative.

L’Enllaç de l’Ebre is the embryo of a paradigm shift in responsible production and consumption.


– Daniel Méndez, certified organic agriculture, Ecotros, producer-patrner in the cooperative.

L’Enllaç de l’Ebre is creating a network of producers and consumers that are committed with the land, the local economy and the dignity of farming.


– Pili Sanmartín, co-owner and wine producer in Celler Bàrbara Forés.

This cooperative will allow the regeneration of the land, human relations and the regional economy, favoring respectful agricultural, commercial and social practices.


– Cecile Thevenot, membre of the consumer grup “La Vianda” and member of the productive and educative projecte “Permacultura Penyaflor”.

L'Enllaç, the solution for our products and consumers of organic products in our lands.


– Jose “de la Marjala”, productor-partner.

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