At L’Enllaç de l’Ebre we are working on our own quality seal, under the name Som Ebre, based on the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) – locally focused quality assurance systems.

Unlike generic quality seals, granted by a third party and based on imposed global regulations, PGSs offer a complementary, low-cost, locally-based system of quality assurance, with a heavy emphasis on social control and knowledge building. They are essentially pedagogical and organizational processes that give the power of action and decision to farmers and consumers, placing a high emphasis on the fact that they aren’t hierarchical and run in a more decentralized fashion. They certify producers and give them the power to decide the way in which they grow, sell and distribute their food. This system is built on a foundation of trust that guarantees the ecological and social quality of the food.

Until the Som Ebre quality seal is fully created, you still can find some “Natural Trusted Products”, which do not necessarily have European ecological quality seals, but which adhere to the parameters and values ​​established by our own Som Ebre Participatory Guarantee System.